Senior Citizen Low Income Refund of Utility Taxes

Applications will be accepted from April 1, 2023 through May 31, 2023

In accordance with City Ordinance Section 615.020, the following information is required for those applying for a refund of utility taxes paid for: Electric & Gas (only).

Applicant MUST own or lease residential property located within the City limits of St. Charles & occupy the same property as their primary place of residence. Refunds will be capped at $125 per household.

The following documentation must be included with this application:

PROOF OF AGE: At least 62 years of age OR 60 years of age & receiving total disability.

DOCUMENTATION OF TOTAL HOUSEHOLD INCOME: Must be less than $35,000 for one (1) person or $45,000 for two (2) persons. Acceptable documentation includes a 2022 tax return or, Form SSA-1099 for SS income IF no tax return is required by the IRS. Call us at (636) 949-3212 if you have questions regarding this documentation.

DOCUMENTATION OF PAID ELECTRIC & GAS BILLS FOR 2022: Must show amount of City taxes paid.

For an itemized list of what you paid in 2022, please contact:

Ameren UE
(800) 552-7583

(314) 621-6960


Senior Citizen Low Income Refund of Utility Taxes