OASIS Food Pantry News – June 2017

OASIS Golf Tournament

The Golf Tournament is scheduled for Monday June 5th at Old Hickory Golf Club in St. Peters. For more information please call Bob Schreiber 636-345-3000. There may still be time to reserve your slot!

Children’s Summer Food Program

It’s time again for the Children’s Summer Food Program at the OASIS Pantry. During the months of June, July, and August the pantry reaches out to families who have school-aged children to provide additional groceries. This is a wonderful program to make sure that school-aged children are receiving proper nutrition during the summer months while away from school. This year the pantry carefully evaluated the summer food offerings and revised those offerings to include healthier alternatives. It is estimated that over 2,000 children will be helped through this summer program at a cost of approximately $15 per child. If you are interested in supporting the Children’s Summer Food Program donations can be made through your church, via the pantry’s web site www.oasisfoodpantry.com, or by mail to: OASIS Food Pantry
1814 Boone’s Lick Road
, St. Charles, MO 63301

Daytime Drivers Needed

Several volunteer daytime drivers are needed at the Pantry to do local food pick ups from 8am to 10:30am. Our volunteer drivers use the pantry trucks to pick up food from local stores and food banks and deliver the foodstuffs to the OASIS Pantry in St. Charles. Volunteer drivers must have a valid driver’s license and be able to lift or move 35 to 40 pounds.  The goal is to establish a team of regular volunteer drivers and a call list of drivers that would be willing to fill in occasionally when regular drivers are unavailable.

If you would like more information about becoming a regular volunteer driver or are willing to add your name to the driver call list please contact Mike Wraspir 636-293-1184.

Thank you for your support,

The OASIS Food Pantry Board Members

OASIS Food Pantry News – June 2017