Jobs For Life



When faced with a mountain I will not quit. I will keep striving until I climb over,
find a pass through, tunnel underneath,

Or simply stay and turn the mountain into a gold mine, With God’s Help!

-Robert H. Schuller

What an awesome life changing ministry with real results.

– Ellie

In January 2013 the OASIS Mission started a new charitable program called “Jobs for Life”. This program helps people on the street, or those without jobs, who are not readily employable to get the necessary skills to get a job — hopefully for life. If they are in need of a GED, we also provide this training. In 2015, our Jobs for Life Program earned the Community Builder Award from the Community Council.

JobsForLifeThe Jobs For Life Program is an eight week, sixteen class course national program with proven results which applies the barrier breaking gospel of Jesus Christ and provides opportunities and relationships with professional and volunteer mentors to help the individual to set both short term and long term goals, gain self worth and self confidence and to equip the individual to interview successfully and gain employment. The Jobs For Life Program is a complete curriculum which uses Teacher’s manuals and Student workbooks along with helpful DVD’s and other teaching aids.



There are many people lacking the skills necessary to initiate and sustain a productive job search, resulting in marginal living and often poverty. Jobs for Life students not only learn the tools to gain and maintain employment, but upon graduation successfully complete a lifetime vocational roadmap.

Jobs for Life students quickly learn that they are not alone as they are guided through the career and skills assessment process. Goals are developed, new skills are acquired and roadblocks are recognized and overcome.

Jobs for Life taught me things I didn’t know, and that I could achieve my goals.

– Diane

Jobs for Life training is uniquely implemented by volunteers from OASIS, our sponsoring churches and other community based organizations. Participants experience an extraordinary sense of support to effectively achieve course requirements ensuring success well after graduation.


Jobs for Life training is distinct from other job training programs because of the way it engages the business community as a primary customer. Businesses receive employees from Jobs for Life training who demonstrate the attitude and work ethic needed to be a valuable asset to the company, with the support system needed for continued success.

Proven Results

  • Employment rates increase among Jobs for Life program participants
  • Job retention rates increase among Jobs for Life program graduates
  • Jobs for Life students demonstrate measurable improvements in work related skills, gaining increased confidence from the experience and knowledge achieved
  • Students of Jobs for Life are connected to a community of support
  • Jobs for Life students seeking additional training are plugged into future opportunities

With God at the Center, Jobs for Life…

  • Champions the unemployed and the underemployed
  • Builds confidence and self esteem
  • Helps students with a life-long vocational plan
  • Offers spiritual guidance and prayer
  • Gives participants the tools necessary to secure and maintain employment
  • Helps participants to develop and work toward realistic career goals

Individuals can sign up for the course by contacting O.A.S.I.S. at 636-723-0037 or sending an email to

  • Rick Fauser, Director 636-248-0678
  • Ron Holtmeier, Co Director 636-399-0909
  • Bob Sayre, Co Director 314-226-4792

Volunteer Leadership Opportunities

Site Leader – Recruits and oversees the program

Champion Mentors – Provides one-on-one support and encouragement to students

Prayer Team – Provides prayer and support to students and volunteers

Instructors – Teach a proven and time-tested curriculum

Business Relations Leader – Recruits business partners with entry level jobs and a willingness to consider Jobs for Life graduates as job candidates, organizes student interviews and class presentations by partner representatives concerning their job field.