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Introducing Pandemic EBT!

Pandemic EBT, or P-EBT, is a new federal program for families who lost access to school meals because of the COVID-19 pandemic. P-EBT is a one-time payment available to households with children who qualify for free or reduced-price school meals.  The maximum P-EBT payment is $302 for each eligible child (pre-K to 12th grade).

The deadline for P-EBT is fast approaching!  Applications must be submitted by June 30.  Can you help us make sure all Missouri families know about this opportunity?  Download and share the resources below.

Downloadable Resources:

For more food resources, check out our website: 

Pantry Reopening In July!

The O.A.S.I.S. Food Pantry is pleased to announce the pantry will re-open this July  staffed with our regular volunteers and an updated food distribution process. The updated food distribution process incorporates social distancing and additional sanitizing to meet St. Charles Health Department Covid-19 Guidelines. This is a big step, but there has been a lot of planning and re-organizing of the current food distribution method, and we are confident the updated process will keep pantry volunteers and clients safe while still continuing the mission to care for those less fortunate in our community.

Thank you for collecting and donating canned goods and clean egg cartons through your churches.  Only one-dozen sized egg cartons are needed. For food donation specifics, visit for a printable shopping list. Whether big or small every donation helps those in need.

The O.A.S.I.S. Board members wish to thank all our volunteers and supporters who have given their time, talents, and gifts over the last 30 years and during the pandemic to keep the Food Pantry doors open.

To be a volunteer and supporter, it takes…

Generosity, a willingness to give your time, talents, and gifts to others.
Understanding, because their lives might be very different from your own.
Empathy, an ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and feel what they must feel.
Compassion, to truly care about making someone else’s life better.
Patience, because the process doesn’t always go as smoothly as it might.
Dedication, to stick with the project and see it through.

You’ve shown these qualities and so much more, so thank you for all that you do.

O.A.S.I.S. Food Pantry and Thrift Store

Board of Directors