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Jobs for Life is in Need of Volunteers

We are in need of more students and more volunteers for our Jobs for Life program. Please make any recommendations of people who might be interested. This is a wonderful program to help people enter the work environment.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Site Leader – Recruits and oversees the program
  • Champion Mentors – Provides one-on-one support and encouragement to students
  • Prayer Team – Provides prayer and support to students and volunteers
  • Instructors – Teach a proven and time-tested curriculum
  • Business Relations Leader – Recruits business partners with entry level jobs and a willingness to consider Jobs for Life graduates as job candidates, organizes student interviews and class presentations by partner representatives concerning their job field.

Please click on these links for a PRINTABLE BROCHURE and PRINTABLE FLYER.

Interested parties may contact:

  • Rick Fauser, Director 636-248-0678
  • Ron Holtmeier, Co Director 636-399-0909
  • Bob Sayre, Co Director 314-226-4792

Your help will be appreciated very much!

Unsung Heroes – Lorna & John Nichols

Lorna & John Nichols
Lorna & John Nichols

According to the dictionary, a hero is a person of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his/her brave deeds and noble qualities. 

From it’s inception, O.A.S.I.S. has been served by many heroes, who, asking nothing for themselves, have given freely to their neighbors and community. Few are expecting recognition for their deeds. We have decided to share our good fortune in knowing these individuals with you.  Below are two of our best…

Volunteering at a food pantry is not for the faint of heart. There’s a lot of physical work involved. Almost every day volunteers are needed to pick up food or bread or orders of hygiene items. School food drives need to be picked up. Someone has to coordinate all this driving and picking up. It takes a special person to handle this chore. O.A.S.I.S. is so blessed to have a very special volunteer who keeps all these balls in the air. That person is John Nichols. We honor John tonight and his lovely wife, Lorna.

Lorna says the Word of God is food for our souls.

John and Lorna represent Grace Church in Maryland Heights, MO, on the O.A.S.I.S. Board of Directors. They are retired but stay very busy. John was a school teacher and Lorna worked for AT&T.  They love traveling and last October celebrated their anniversary in Hawaii. They not only volunteer at the pantry, but take mission trips to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. To get some idea of their Christian educational books, check out their “Big Picture Ministries” on Facebook or at their website:

About Big Picture Ministries

John and Lorna Nichols are the co-founders of Big Picture Ministries, LLC, an organization devoted to encouraging spiritual growth through the study of God’s Word. John and Lorna currently live in Chesterfield, Missouri, and are members of Grace Church-Saint Louis, a non-denominational church, where both are facilitators, leaders, and mentors for Christ.

Big Picture Ministries provides resources and services designed to help people better understand the message of the Bible. The goal of Big Picture Ministries is to encourage Bible reading and Bible study, and to promote spiritual growth. Our vision is to glorify God by providing tools designed to help people  develop a deeper, more meaningful relationship with the Lord. This ministry provides financial support to Grace Church’s South Africa Missions fund, blessing victims of HIV/AIDS.

Take a Swing at Summer Hunger!

Throughout the month of June, Harvesters in Kansas City and the St. Louis Area Foodbank are having a little friendly competition to see who can raise the most meals for their community. Leading up to the Cardinals vs. Royals series at the end of the month, the two food banks will be hosting the I-70 challenge.

The goal is to raise 70,000 meals between the two food banks by June 30. You can help by donating today, and sharing this information with your friends and family! Every donation counts, and we would love a few bragging rights before the series begins.

Share this link or follow it to donate: